Phi’s father, James Thanh Nguyen is head chef. Born in Kieng Giang, Rach Gia, Vietnam, he is self-taught, has no formal culinary training and never went to cooking school.  James fled Vietnam in 1979, settling roots in Souderton, PA.  He has a life-long curiousity about food and cooking and has been in the restaurant business for more than 15 years.

As soon as James could afford to go back to Vietnam, he took with him a book titled, “100 Mon Ngon o Vietnam” (100 of Vietnam’s best Dishes.) James was on a mission to try as many of those dishes as he could
and began to recreate those dishes upon his return to the US.This is his interpretation of traditional recipes, making dishes that he has always wanted to enjoy and eat.

what we do

As the children of Vietnamese refugees, husband and wife team, Nhi and Phi met at her parents pho restaurant in North Philadelphia.  It was the 90’s and it was called Pho #1, featuring dishes common to most of the Vietnamese restaurants started by the first wave of Vietnamese refugees.  Phi's immigrant parents opened their restaurant to serve other Vietnamese families and to secure a future for their family in America.
Since Nhi and Phi grew up in the states, they consider themselves a hybrid of Vietnamese and American cultures. Phi Vietnamese is a project that speaks to what they believe. They believe good food brings loved ones
Doylestown, PA is the ideal home for Phi Vietnamese, because there is nothing around town that brings the complex and delicate flavors of Vietnam to Bucks County. It is where Nhi and Phi want to set down roots and share their love of cuisine with all of you.

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about the chef

Phi Vietnamese is our homage to Vietnamese cuisine.  It reflects our cultural heritage as well as our love for traditional Vietnamese dishes with new inspiration.

Our restaurant offers brightly flavored dishes served in a stylish and warm atmosphere.  We want to offer you what we like to eat. Our food is informed by tradition, but we consider it a new generation of Vietnamese food that offers exciting combinations of flavors.